Latest News :
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  • China battery giant CATL achieves 304Wh/kg in new battery cells
  • Scientists warn EU against restrictions on lead
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  • East Penn Canada moving to Courtice
  • Saft founds a battery cell JV in China
  • Nissan''s battery business sold to Envision
  • Startups Bring New and Exciting Insight to LG Chem''s Battery Business
  • Jaguar Land Rover to announce UK electric car investment
  • E-mobility made with TRUMPF & SPI Lasers
  • Lithium prices fall as buildup outraces boom
  • Chile launches tender for value-added lithium projects
  • Tesla is losing the race to develop solid -state battery technology
  • BMW unveils electric Mini as it charges into new era
  • Hyperdrive Innovation opens electric vehicle battery factory in Sunderlanda
  • Researchers take a crack at fracture problem in solid-state batteries
  • Startup Aims to Tackle Grid Storage Problem With New Porous Silicon Battery
  • New £70 million automotive powertrain research centre to be built in the UK
  • Mercedes and Vauxhall dealers come under fire over battery replacement charges
  • UK battery company opens new facility in Hampshire
  • Award winning technology firm to keynote at The Battery Technology Show 2019
  • Battery Technology Show breaks records
  • Battery Start-Ups Want to Take on Tesla
  • The most complete study of battery failure sees the light
  • UK Based Company OXIS Energy Goes Into Mass Production of Lithium Sulfur Cells
  • Alfen selected by West of England to roll out EV charging infrastructure
  • Japan''s Kyocera crafts 30% cheaper lithium batteryq
  • New battery tech faces a long road to mass adoption
  • Big Battery-Maker''s Market Share Surges as Bus-Makers Race to Place Orders
  • Anglo, Engie to roll out ''world''s largest'' hydrogen truck
  • 3M shows eMobility solutions at the Battery Technology Show
  • Power multinational EDF reveals electric mobility ambitions with purchase of Pivot Power

E-mobility made with TRUMPF & SPI Lasers

Creating the future today
TRUMPF & SPI Lasers provide a wide range of manufacturing and laser systems to the automotive industry in all areas of e-mobility, paving the way for a more environmentally friendly future.

TRUMPF & SPI Lasers in battery manufacturing
The TRUMPF Group is leading in the development of technologies suited to industrial purposes for the laser welding, cutting and cleaning of a wide range of battery system components used in electric vehicle manufacture. Lasers are becoming the manufacturing route of choice for battery cells, modules and packs.

TRUMPF laser machines offer tailored solutions giving high levels of productivity, yielding low part costs for volume manufacturing. The battery pack brings together all these elements and is welded to form a compact block. Using TRUMPF lasers, customers can weld the components and the housing of the pack in a sealed and highly precise way. The quality of the weld seams can be constantly monitored by intelligent process sensor systems.

Battery assemblies pose significant welding challenges particularly in the joining of dissimilar materials such as copper and aluminum. Solutions based on TRUMPF & SPI Lasers for welding can cap and bus bar assemblies can be achieved via their innovative welding technologies such as oscillation welding, BrightLine Weld and ns welding. It is important to create high-tensile weld seams with as little energy input as possible to produce high quality, reliable joints.

TRUMPF’s latest technology highlight is the new TruDisk 1020. Using a green wavelength, copper and other highly reflective materials can be welded not just efficiently, but also with high quality and great productivity, regardless of the material surface quality. TRUMPF TruDisk lasers with the option BrightLine Weld enable low spatter laser welding at increased feed ratesand highest weld seam quality.While SPI offers its 2kW single mode fiber laser for oscillation welding and a 250W ns pulsed fiber laser for joining a range of dissimilar materials.

Whatever your manufacturing challenges are the TRUMPF Group can offer an optimised solution based on a choice of laser technologies.


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